Jayuya Uprising

Armas Revolucion 1950

Pistols used during the 1950 uprising in Jayuya, Puerto Rico.

Cincuenta Pesos

Currency issued by the nationalist party. 

Blanca Canales

Blanca Canales was an educator in Jayuya who became a leader in the Nationalist Party. She organized the Daughters of Freedom, the women's branch, and stored arms in her house in preparation for the Uprising. 

Under the leadership of Pedro Albizu Campos, the PNPR spent more than a year planning an armed revolt to overthrow U.S. rule. Beginning in Jayuya with the raising of the Puerto Rican flag by Blanca Canales and Heriberto Marín Torres, revolutionaries across the island demanded that the U.S. recognize Puerto Rican independence. In response, the U.S. government fired on the town and cut communications, calling the events a "war between Puerto Ricans."